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We take the needs of the market and customers into account and adapt our services to the respective requirements. Customer needs are the basis for the type and range of our production processes and therefore individual product modifications are possible at any time. Our product range is constantly being optimized and adapted to current demand.

PANINKRET Werk GmbH is approved in accordance with Regulation 853/2004, with the approval number: SH00346, as a company for the production of protein hydrolysates from raw materials of animal origin in food quality.

In accordance with Regulation (EC) 1069/2009, animal by-products can also be processed in our technical plant.




Paninkret provides ingredients for innovative formulations and individual solutions
in many industrial sectors. Therefore, our portfolio includes a comprehensive range of different products and mixtures.

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  • Glycogen

    Glycogen is used in the animal and human body as a short or medium-term storage of glucose as an energy source. It is produced in muscle tissue, but mainly within the liver. We obtain this energy source by extraction and purification of animal liver.
  • Liver

    Our liver extract is a valuable source of protein. It contains important cobalamin (Vitamin B12). In addition, our special manufacturing process enables us to offer liver extract in a highly aromatic form.
  • Pancreatin

    The pancreatin powder is an enzymatic complex that is obtained from porcine pancreas glands. The pancreas naturally contains the digestive enzymes amylase, lipase and protease. These enzymes are standardized in the powder which enable us to offer the product in various enzyme concentrations. The activity "4 x NF" is considered our standard quality. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Description: amorphous powder Available type: powder Solubility: water insoluble
  • Spleen

    The spleen is an important part of the immune system. During our production, the pork spleens are extracted by a gentle process and then spray dried. Our process enables us to offer the extract in a highly aromatic form.
  • Thyroid

    The thyroid powder is one of our traditional products that we have been producing for several decades. We rely on our traditional and particularly gentle drying process. We hereby ensure a content of at least 0,2 % organically bound iodine in our finished product.
  • Testicle

    Bovine testicles are used in the production of the testicle powder. With the help of our enzymatic hydrolysis, we are able to obtain the holistic extract from the testicle, which is then subjected to a particularly gentle extraction or, if desired, a gentle vacuum drying. As a result of the extraction, we can offer you a product that is 100% water-soluble and is therefore associated with a particularly high bioavailability.
  • HemeFe

    Iron is a vital trace element that has a variety of functions in the human body. Our Heme Fe contains a high proportion of iron and is obtained from porcine haemoglobin, the pure red cell fraction. For production, we only use raw goods from food-certified manufacturing companies. The product is extracted from the whole blood using a gentle process, vacuum dried and then refined to a fine powder.
  • Sternal Chicken

    Sternum is the connection in the middle of the anterior chest. The cartilage tissue contains mucopolysaccharides, collagen and other structural proteins. The raw material is collected directly during slaughter and then separated from meat and fat using special processes. As desiccated or a hydrolysate, it offers the natural ingredients in their natural form or as an extract. In our laboratory, we examine the physical parameters and also the chondroitin sulphate content. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Description: amorphous powder Available type: powder Solubility: water soluble/water insoluble
  • Pancollaron

    Pancollaron combines the advantages of high-quality poultry collagen with the impressive properties of natural hyaluronic acid. Due to our particularly gentle process, we end up with a fine water-soluble powder.
  • Placenta

    Placenta powder is becoming increasingly important in today\\\'s markets. Especially in Asia, it is a trend, among other things, for use in beauty products. We have many years of experience in the traditional manufacture of placenta powder. We refine the raw material into a fine powder using our drying process, which due to a gentle treatment includes all the essential ingredients. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Description: amorphous powder Available type: powder Solubility: water soluble
  • Poultrymeat Peptone

    Our poultry meat peptone is a valuable natural source of protein. This product has been freed from large molecular weight constituents in order to increase the bioavailability. It contains the two essential amino acids glycine and hydroxyproline, which are indispensable in the collagen structure.
  • Ox Bile

    Our Ox Bile from the natural bovine bile is characterized by at least 45% cholic acid content. For example, cholic acid is involved as an emulsifier in the digestion of fats. Based on our years of experience, we have now developed various manufacturing processes and can offer the product as a traditional or refined powder or as a concentrate.
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